DuraPol UHT Continues to Protect Teal Cooling Coil at Shell UK E&P

Oil tank in cargo terminal service centre

DuraPol UHT continues to protect Shell UK E&P’s Teal cooling coil after 5 years service. Operating at 130°C with – 800mV CP this pyramid-shaped super duplex coil is located at the wellhead and is key to reducing the temperature of the hot hydrocarbon mix from deep wells. DuraPol UHT has prevented hydrogen and chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking of these high chromium steels and has also prevented marine growth and fouling. A number of cooling coils and high-temperature duplex alloy spools and valves have been coated since 2004 with complete success. Shell identifies DuraPol UHT as an acceptable coating to protect subsea structures at temperatures up to 152°C in accordance with a clause in Shell DEP-Gen

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