DuraPol Corrosion Resistant Coating

DuraPol corrosion resistant coating for concentrated sulphuric and hydrochloric acid service at high temperatures and pressures. Coating provides high chemical, erosion, and abrasion resistance. It can resist all chlorinated solvents, acids, alkalis, and amines. Application is by spray to concrete, and carbon steel surfaces to provide high resistance to process chemicals as an alternative to stainless steel and special alloys and cladding. The coating can protect the inside of new and old process vessels, tanks, columns, separators, knockout drums, desalters, slug catchers, reboilers, mixing tanks, heat exchangers, pipes, spools, pumps, valves, chimneys, etc. The coating has a superior nonstick surface. It can be steam cleaned at temperatures up to 250 Celsius. Industries, where used, include oil, gas, chemical, power industry (flue gas desulphurisation / carbon capture), wastewater, pharmaceutical, railcar, road tankers, ship cargo tanks, mining, marine etc.

DuraPol is a self-healing, high temperature, anticorrosive coating for protection of all types of vessels and equipment exposed to chemicals in the presence of high temperatures.

DuraPol is a single component, 100% solid epoxy system applied by brush, spray or dip. It can be top coated with conventional paints and coatings such as solvent-based paint, epoxy paint, and powder coatings. DuraPol is not a primer nor does it require pre-treatment of substrate prior to application.

DuraPol can be applied directly onto new steel or carbon steel surfaces immediately after cleaning in preparation for hot dip galvanising or other electroplating process. The coating can also be applied over existing paints and coatings such as primer paints or epoxy paint or powder coating etc. However there may be some colour variations with regard to the finished coating colour as compared to the original substrate colour due to the chemical effects caused by the existing paint/

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