Manufacturer of advanced anti-corrosion coatings protecting critical industrial assets

DuraPol is a global technology leader in the field of advanced coatings applied to industrial process equipment. Our coatings prevent asset corrosion in the most demanding industrial processes deemed too severe for other coatings. As well as extending the operational life of process plant and equipment, DuraPol coatings also allow for process optimisation, process flexibility and minimise process contamination. This enables industry to operate in harmony with the environment while ensuring the safety of its employees and the public.

Research and development are key to our success as we continually push the boundaries of polymer chemistry to achieve higher levels of coating performance. All our coatings are independently tested in certified laboratories as well as having specific service track records that exceed 10 years.

Old assets can easily be protected within maintenance turnaround schedules. New equipment can be protected at the fabrication stage where DuraPol coatings are specified by the client. In both cases, our application engineers provide training and full supervision during projects to ensure quality compliance and trouble-free installation.

DuraPol is synonymous with working in partnership with industry to offer a complete and effective anti-corrosion package without costing the earth.

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