Indispensable Maintenance Solutions for Modern Industry!


Coating Selection Fit for Service

Time after time DuraPol has provided optimum solutions to prevent corrosion in equipment where processes are unique to the client. This has been accomplished not by chance but by understanding the process and undertaking a rigorous coating evaluation program that includes:

  • Expose fully coated sample coupons to the process. Partly coated sample coupons are used to highlight the coatings ability to withstand undercutting. Assessing this property is vital if only specific corrosion affected areas are to be treated.
  • Apply coating to a small critical area of the equipment.
  • Full scale field testing. Coating performance is assessed during T&I.
  • Third party laboratory testing of coating to approve in specific process.
  • Study coating track record to identify suitability of coating in similar processes.

Surface Preparation a Must

DuraPol engineers are keen to ensure every sqm of surface to be protected is properly decontaminated and prepared before any DuraPol coating is applied.

New Equipment

Specifiers must ensure new equipment is effectively protected at point of construction. DuraPol coatings enable engineers to factor-out corrosion and the corresponding corrosion allowance at the design stage. The result is a dramatic reduction in steel consumption.

Old Equipment

The choice to refurbish instead of replace is a benefit to all industries by saving not only time, but money. When equipment and infrastructure experience routine or unexpected maintenance DuraPol understands the determining factors for selecting the optimum solution. This must be implemented within the allotted downtime using approved materials.

Our coating solutions offer a simple, safe, and effective alternative that include features seldom found elsewhere:

  • In situ repairs which drastically reduce time and avoid costly removal of parts
  • Cold cure that do not pose the dangers of hot work
  • Ease in application allowing for in-house repairs
  • Quick cure to service for minimum disruption to plant operation